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Manns in Colombia – Family Travel Blog

4 continents in 36 hours (Africa to Europe to North America to South America)… such was our tumultuous journey from Tanzania to Colombia… the 14th nation on the 6th continent in our ongoing family adventure around the world.

Our time here was short but oh so sweet. We focused most of it in the walled port city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. Apparently, judging from our photos, all we did was wander about the amazing street art on the colourful streets… which we did. But we also ate some of the most amazing food on the planet. Cartagena’s selection of gourmet restaurants rival that of New York City! For a family of foodies, we were in heaven!

Other highlights and memories include…

  • Venturing into the heart of Tayrona National Park‘s palm-shaded coves and coastal lagoons in +40℃ temperatures.
  • Madelyn using her tooth fairy money to pay for our use of public toilets when mom and dad ran out of cash.
  • Timmy freaking out at the sight of a grasshopper the size of a small dog.
  • Teaching a memorable workshop with a talented, eclectic group of photographers from all over the world.
  • Going home for a rest after 4 months abroad!