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Manns in Baja, Mexico

The next instalment of our round-the-world adventure takes us back to where it all began, before Madelyn and Timmy were even a twinkle in our eyes.

The year was 2006. Erika and I were celebrating the beginning of our married life together with a road-trip adventure across North America. The 87th night of that honeymoon was spent in a remote little bay on Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. It was straight out of a postcard. We camped there on the sandy beach, beside soothing waves, beneath the Milky Way, and dreamed about our future together; a future with adventure; a future with kids.

Flash forward 12 years, to that same magical beach. We’re back! This time with Madelyn (9) and Timmy (7) – literally living our own dream!

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Manns Around the World

We were going to write a bunch of words and numbers here for no one to read; thoughts and feelings for you to scroll right past; cliché quotes, philosophical musings, metaphors for life. Then we realized, simply; there are no words. No poetry. The experiences herein, transcend linguistics. These photos, for us, say what we cannot…

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portrait of young girl travelling in nepal
Two children laugh while getting splashed by waves on beach
Mother and kids standing on top of clifftop in Nepal
Two children relax on pier at sunset
Two children run down hill at dusk
Kids walk down steps of Buddhist temple in Nepal
Flock of birds flying
Young boy chase birds away in traditional town square in Greece
Journal with child's sketches of Nepal
Journal with child's sketches of Nepal
Journal with child's sketches of Nepal
Tourists walk past Nepalese template
Close up of young girl playing at the beach
Silhouette of young boy running at sunset
Young girl on ferry with Greek flag
Young boy walking beside giant earth worm on rainy forest floor
Girl stacking rocks on beach
Father and daughter standing in water looking up at cliff above them
Mother and kids walk above buildings with clay roof shingles
Boy sitting on dad's shoulders pointing at temple in Nepal
Young boy points at large dinosaur fossil at museum
Two kids sitting on rock wall on hilltop staring out into sea
Father and kids walk along seashore beside Greek ruins at sunset
Civilians on busy Nepal road
Young girl in orange swimsuit looking out into the sea
Little boy pointing out the window during car ride
Silhouette of father and daughter walking on the beach
Mother and daughter smiles for the camera
Octopuses hanging on dock railing
Man jumps off cliff as onlookers in water watch at the beach
Mother taking a break on hike with boy behind her about to sneeze
Young boy walks down dirty Nepalese steps
Boy and girl swinging on the swings
Father with kids at museum
Young girl at the beach with rainbow in the sky
Young child draws a heart in the sand during sunset
Father holds his two kids hands as they go for a walk in the forest

Manns in Romania – Family Travel Blog

Our short time in Romania was a magically delicious treat for our imagination. Transylvania‘s idyllic villages transported us back in time and into a fairy tale world of rolling hills, twisted clocktowers, and cobbled streets. Danube Delta‘s tangled waterways transported us into a mystical water world.  And in the depths of the Salina Turda Salt Mine, we explored an otherworldly underground galaxy.

Our friends, Andra & Marius, and Gabriela & Marius, took such great care of us and helped make the most of our time in their amazing country.

Here are a few of our favourite pics from Romania…


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Thailand With Kids

Next up in our adventures around the world… Thailand! Coming straight after 6 weeks in New Zealand, it was quite the change of scenery, pace, and culture! Having always wanted to explore Thailand, when Rhaea and JP hired us to photograph their destination wedding in Phuket, we immediately started dreaming and planning! We were also incredibly honoured to host an unforgettable workshop experience while we were there, with amazing photographer’s from 3 different continents! All in all, it was a month full of experiences, life and memories we will never forget. We’ll just let Madelyn (9yrs) and Timmy, who celebrated his 7th birthday in the jungles of northern Thailand, tell you all about it…

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Family Travel Blog – Manns in New Zealand

Our family travel blog continues with our time on New Zealand’s south island, which can best be described in one word…

Wild / adjective / w-aî-ld – Living or growing in a natural state or uncultivated environment; not ordinarily tame or domesticated; passionately eager or enthusiastic; beyond normal or conventional bounds; a deviation from the intended or expected course; growing or produced without restraint or control, especially in pursuit of happiness.

These photos (and Madelyn and Timmy’s journal entries) say the rest…

For more photos and stories from our adventures around the world, check out our family travel blog posts from Australia, Greece, Croatia, Kauai, New YorkCottage CountrySri Lanka and India. Next up, Thailand!

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