• Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

    Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

    Charmi Peña is one of our photography heroes. Heck, she’s one of our human heroes. Hence, when she advised her family to trust Two Mann Studios with the memories of Jena and Sameer’s multicultural wedding, we were honoured; then anxious; then terrified; then, ultimately, rewarded with the gratifying pleasure of […]

  • Lyndsay & Preston & Jason’s Wedding in British Columbia

    Lyndsay & Preston & Jason’s Wedding in British Columbia

    Freewill is an illusion. Or it’s not. Either way, strange and mysterious forces are at work beyond our wildest comprehension. Case in point, the miraculous entanglement of external and internal forces that willed Lyndsay and Jason’s lives together (and Erika and mine somehow into that mix). Imagine the labyrinthine brew […]

  • Kim & Wayne’s Wedding

    Kim & Wayne’s Wedding

    Newfoundlanders know how to party! Even if it involves a stinky 3-day old dead fish, that’s been flown all the way across Canada (in a guest’s backpacks, no less). When Kim and Wayne told us about this Newfoundlander tradition, known as “getting screeched.” Lanny and I were ALL in! I […]

  • Nikki & Brandon’s Wedding

    Nikki & Brandon’s Wedding

    When Nikki and Brandon showed up for their engagement session, Erika and I were like, “WTF? Who are these guys, and what strange planet are they from?” Turns out, they were from Planet Drip. At first, we weren’t sure what to do. Two steps in any direction was surely going […]

  • Mark & Ali’s Wedding at Azuridge

    Mark & Ali’s Wedding at Azuridge

    What you’re about to witness, in the photos below, is a celebration of something so much bigger than just the love and commitment between two beautiful humans (and their dogs). Rest assured, you’ll see that—and feel it. But you’re also gonna see and feel something else—because Mark and Ali (and everyone present) were celebrating more…