CHANTEL + STEVE’s Engagement Photos | Aurora Borealis | Snow Covered Golden Larches

Chantel and Steve’s engagement session(s) began back in June and finished up in September.

It began when our friend and photographer extraordinaire, Paul Zizka, gave us the scoop that things were shaping up for a potential aurora show that night. Lanny was particularly hungry to head out into the night with our cameras and one of our couples. It just so happened that Canmore locals, Chantel and Steve, had just hired us to photograph their 2014 wedding. They had also made the mistake of informing us that they would be “up for anything.” So Lanny called them up at 9 PM to ask if they had any plans for that night (apart from sleeping). Because one of us (me) would have to stay home with the kids, Lanny’s next call was to the first local photographer we could think of, who would be willing to drop anything to come along to assist with lighting. Enter our good friend, Jody Goodwin. 3 hours later, the four of them were out amongst the dark wilderness, shooting away. The aurora display didn’t pan out that night as much as we’d hoped, but they still had fun and came home with some really cool images. Thank you, Jody, for tagging along and helping us out in the cold and dark for 3 hours, without ever losing that beaming smile of yours.

But as for Chantel and Steve, we weren’t done with them yet. Their “actual” engagement session took place just a few weeks ago, when the first snows had just fallen on the still golden larch trees of Kananaskis Country (hey, just noticed that that’s our photo of the smiling skiers on this linked site, by the way). True to form, Chantel and Steve met us at 5:30 AM in order to make the drive deep down in to Kananaskis Country and catch the first light. When they met us in the morning, Chantel had hiking boots on her feet, and curlers still in her hair.

Below are a few of our favourites from both of those crazy sessions, including a couple gigantic Bokeh Panoramas. Chantel and Steve, you two are our kind of clients… up for anything! Thanks for being so awesome.

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