Real stories.

Unreal moments.

Real stories.

Unreal moments.

Your new friends with cameras.

We’re Erika & Lanny, not your typical wedding photographers. We’re your new friends with cameras — friends who happen to be world renowned wedding photographers. We’re also educators, writers, dreamers, and parents to two little Manns — Madelyn & Timmy. Our adventures in photography have taken us around the world — 47 countries and counting. Our next destination? Your wedding!

you want us

watch this.

Your minds will blow. Your parents will cry. Your friends will go wild.

What sets us apart?


Not pretty

Weddings are notoriously pretty. It’s easy to get distracted by that, and fail to see the beauty — something that’s felt, more than seen. We show you the beauty. We show you how it felt.


Brave AF

Our clients are as brave as we are. Their weddings are complete with hiccups, messiness, and drama — think ugly cries, snotty boogers, subtle glances and complex emotions. It’s not our photo shoot — it’s your wedding.


Pros for pros

When it comes to their weddings, the world’s top wedding photographers choose us. It’s utterly terrifying, but we love it. Wedding photography is high pressure, and the pros know who’s got the chops to deliver.

Every wedding makes our blog. Go on, dig beneath the highlight reels — see the unique body of work we consistently produce at every wedding.

  • Sahithi & Kedar’s Wedding in Bahrain

    I barely had any space to move. I could maybe move about 1 inch in any direction. The videographer was right beside…

  • Ciera & Kevin in Dallas, Texas

    If you’ve been to our blog before, you’ve likely heard us say something along the lines of, “when shit goes wrong at…

  • Alycia & Janna’s Wedding

    They say it takes a village to raise a child. For us, it takes a village — plus Alycia & Janna. We’ve…

Hate to brag,
but we have to.

Yes, we’re experienced (we’ve done this on every continent except Antarctica). Yes, we’re “highly acclaimed” (just Google us). But that’s not what matters. What matters, is that we deliver the best damn experience known to wedding photography. Your photos will be out of this world. But so will your whole experience, start to finish.







Unbelievably easy to work with. Two of the nicest, most genuine people we’ve ever met.

Ian & Travis See their photos

More than exceeded our wildest expectations!

Dominika & Jon See their photos

No posing, no cheesy smiles; just authentic moments with true emotion. If we could give ten stars, we would.

Tara & Kevin See their photos

We travel to you.

We photograph weddings all over the world. But it’s not about the location, it’s about your story, wherever that may be — our backyard, your backyard, or your dream destination on the other side of the planet.

Our next wedding? Hopefully yours!