DOMINIKA + JON’s Wedding in Whitefish, Montana

The first time we met Dominika and Jon was on a cold, blustery evening in downtown Calgary. It was one of those nights where the wind just bites into you and, no mater how much you layer up, you can’t stay warm. We huddled together in a nice warm bar over a pint of beer to chat about their wedding. We instantly fell in love with this couple. Maybe it was the fact Dominika looks exactly like Princess Elsa from the movie Frozen. Maybe it was Jon’s expressive and extremely photogenic eyebrows. Whatever the reason, they were just so darn fun, down to earth and easy to be around. We felt so privileged to be invited to photograph their wedding, on the shores of Whitefish Lake in Montana. As photographers, we are constantly drawn to dramatic light, but more important than that, we’re drawn to expressive people. Dominika and Jon, along with their adorable flower girls and wedding guests, were wonderfully expressive. It is a true joy for us to capture the multitude of expressions on a wedding day, whether it be an expressive face, an expressive setting, or even just a small expressive hand gesture. Dominiika and Jon’s day was full of these expressive moments, big and small. Thank you, Dominika and Jon for trusting us to capture these moments. These moments that are so brief, yet so eternal. And a big thank you to Harinder Chahal for flying all the way in from Winnipeg to help us out.D&L_01 D&L_02 D&L_03 D&L_04 D&L_05D&L_07 D&L_08 D&L_09 D&L_10 D&L_11 D&L_12 D&L_13 D&L_14 D&L_15 D&L_16 D&L_17D&L_19 D&L_20 D&L_21 D&L_23 D&L_24 D&L_25 D&L_26 D&L_27D&L_29 D&L_30 D&L_31 D&L_32 D&L_33D&L_35 D&L_36

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