Don’t take our word for it, take theirs. These are our clients. These are their words.

Two of the best humans we have ever met.

We can’t say enough good things about Erika and Lanny. We hired them for their groundbreaking photography, but what we got was something so much better – two of the nicest, most genuine, easiest going people we’ve met.

As a gay couple, we couldn’t be happier. Not only did they document our wedding with the keen eye of world class documentarians, but they made us and all our guests feel incredibly comfortable. Their professionalism and humanity make them two of the best humans we have ever met.

We consider ourselves unbelievably lucky to not only have had them document our wedding, but to now call them friends. We fell for their work, but we fell for them as people even harder.

Ian & Travis See their wedding

They see. They listen. They feel like part of the family.

Erika and Lanny are two of the most talented artists we’ve ever met. Neither my husband or I are big fans of posed photos, and had no interest in being told to “act natural” by a stranger on our wedding day. We appreciate the beauty of what is raw and what is real – this is where Two Mann thrives. They see the in-between and there isn’t anything more magical than having our wedding day commemorated through their work. They are truly soul-seers, capturing authentic moments and pieces of everyone around them. They are professional and respectful. They see. They listen. They are genuine and truly felt like part of the family. We honestly cannot say enough positive things about our experience working with them.

Taylor & Zach See their wedding

We cannot imagine our wedding without them.

Hello, we are Mariana and Paúl, a happy married couple who were lucky enough to have Two Mann at our wedding. We admired their work for many years, long before we even thought about getting married. When we got engaged, we knew we had to look for them; talk to them and find out if they were the right ones to shoot our wedding. Then we had a zoom meeting and we fell in love. We always asked ourselves, what will the best photographers in the world be like? And we met two people so kind and funny that they left no doubts in our decision. “Erika and Lanny in person?! The time has come to meet them in person!” It was incredible. They matched with us, our friends and family as if they had been there for years. They were empathic, calm, patient. Erika with a great sense of humour and a matchless spark, Lanny peaceful and charming like no other. A perfect duo.

Each session was incredible. They were always professional; creative, perceptive, there was always laughter and joy. When the day of the ceremony arrived, we understood how big they were – GIANTS. A tropical storm arrived at our perfect wedding on the beach, just at the moment that Mariana walked to the altar between palm trees and sand, with the sea and our friends as witnesses, the rain also came. It was not just any rain, it was that rain that wets you up to your underwear. Two Mann, continued; stoic, focused, dodging every difficulty that appeared. Putting all their heart into their work. Incredibly, they broke 3 of their 4 cameras! They could have excused themselves and gone to rescue their equipment, but they were our friends with cameras who would never have left us alone.

They are 2 of the greatest photographers (and humans) on this planet.

Mariana & Paúl See their wedding

I want to get married again just to have them shoot our day all over!

Two Mann Studios were amazing. From the moment I first saw photos of a friend’s wedding they shot, I knew they were the ones I wanted for my wedding. Erika and Lanny were warm and welcoming from the moment we first met, helping ease our nerves around the shoots. They went above and beyond what any photographers would be expected, their creativeness and adventurousness shows in the amazing photos we got. I want to get married again just to have them shoot our day all over! Highly recommended, you will not be sorry choosing these two talented and dedicated photographers.

Alanna & Shawn See their wedding

We will forever be in awe.

There aren’t words to describe how grateful and lucky we were to have you at our wedding. But our appreciation goes beyond the unreal photos you create. Our gratitude also sits in the way you create images. One of our top wishes for our wedding day was to be present in all the moments so that we could digest and remember the emotion, joy, hilarity, and connection. And it happened. Erika and Lanny, you were a massive part of that. Your big hearts and down-to-earth nature (despite being so highly sought after) made it natural for us and our guests to be ourselves and let our guards down. You captured who we, our friends, and our family are – in celebration and emotion. While you were busy creating images, you never took us outside of the moments of the day. We never felt like we were performing. During the couple’s portraits, all we remember is what it felt like to hold each other and laugh in a landscape of trees and ferns. And we still can’t believe we have images of Karen’s dad crying – no one has seen that man cry in 43 years, nor has he let anyone photograph him.

These photos are a treasure that will be part of our family’s fabric and identity for eternity.

Karen & Thomas Wedding coming soon!

Our whole experience with them was nothing short of fantastic.

We first met them on a chilly night in Calgary, huddling around in a cozy bar drinking beer and getting to know each other. It was apparent right away that our whole experience with them was going to be nothing short of fantastic. First of all, there isn’t a single force that nature could throw at them that would phase either one of these two. From our 30 below engagement session in the snowy Canmore woods, to our wedding day that featured a whole spectrum of weather, Lanny and Erika guided us through it all, focusing on capturing the beauty of the moments, no matter what.

Their abundance of creative talent and endless energy made them an absolute pleasure to work with and be around on our wedding day. At any given point throughout the day, Lanny and Erika were hard at work climbing countertops, trees, and mountains, or laying down on the ground or in the bush to find a unique vantage point and the next great shot.

They more than exceeded our wildest expectations, and our stunning wedding photos are the result of that hard work, drive, and dedication. We simply couldn’t be happier.

Dominika & Jon See their wedding

Every one of our friends (and our parents) were blown away.

We are writing to thank you for capturing some of the most important moments of our lives. We ABSOLUTELY loved you both and how you just blended in. We are very grateful to have found you guys! We also wanted to thank you again for being so kind and going above and beyond to capture everything. Shreya and I talk about you guys all the time and we find ourselves appreciating how easy and rewarding it was to work with you guys. Seeing how hard you work was super motivating. Every one of my friends (and our parents) were blown away.

Shreya & Mano See their wedding

Greatest of all time!

You will not meet a kinder, nicer, more fun couple to capture your special day. These two are so incredibly talented and are truly wizards of their craft. Their creativity is mind blowing. I’m still shaking my head 3 years post wedding day, at the amazing shots they were able to pull off. Their work is truly incredible.

Besides the accolades, the awards, the client recognition – Lanny and Erika are truly remarkable people who you will love working with and who will make such a lasting impression, that you’ll be talking about them and the story they told for years.

Charisse & Serge See Wedding

They captured the essence of our day in a way that takes us straight back to every moment.

Erika and Lanny are incredible photographers with insane creativity! They photographed our wedding in May of this year, and they meshed so well with our friends and family, that it felt like they were guests of the party rather than a separate entity.

From our very first conversation, we knew they were the right photographers for us. When we met in person for the first time, they didn’t feel like strangers we just met – they felt like old friends you could spend hours talking to.

We never had to worry about what they were doing – we trusted them to do what they do best! As a photographer myself, the last thing I wanted to do was worry and stress about whether or not our photographers could hack it. With Erika and Lanny, that wasn’t a concern in the slightest!

Krystal & Trevor See their wedding

Worth every penny and more!

Erika and Lanny are more than photographers, they are storytellers. They are the two most down to earth and caring people you will ever meet and you can tell just how much they care through the passion they put into their work. They did so much more than just take photos, they became an integral part of our wedding and surrounding events. I don’t think I even need to mention how insanely incredible the photos are.

Jess & Travis See their wedding

Truly captured every moment and feeling.

These guys are awesome! We can’t recommend them enough! Erika and Lanny captured our wedding day this summer and we couldn’t be more happy. The images truly captured every moment and feeling from our day.

We had so much fun hanging out with both Lanny and Erika as we got ready for our day. They made us feel relaxed and normal in front of the camera and brought such a creative, playful and romantic lens to our day.

If you’re looking for the perfect photographers to capture your wedding or an event or a special day – stop looking – these guys are the ones!!!

Madeleine & Katie See Wedding

They matched with us, our friends and our family as if they had been there for years.

The meaning of those photos!!! We are not rich, and even though it was an effort for us to hire them, it was worth every cent. Not only because we have the most incredible photos that touched our hearts and our families (we know they will continue to do so for many generations), we also made two great friends and met an admirable couple.

Conclusion; today we cannot imagine our wedding without Erika and Lanny, they are part of us, of those beautiful moments that were captured in their magical eyes. We are grateful to life for having met them.

If you are thinking of taking them to your wedding, do not hesitate, do it! DO NOT MISS THE GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO LIVE THE EXPERIENCE WITH THE TWO MANN.

Mariana & Paúl See their wedding

No posing, no cheesy smiles; just authentic moments with true emotions.

Lanny and Erika were so professional and fun to have at our wedding. I LOVE how they just captured us throughout the day. No posing, no cheesy smiles; just authentic moments with true emotions.

Our pictures were absolutely stunning. I am so glad we invested in amazing photographers because this is the only thing we have to look back on. Looking at their art pieces, takes me back to all the emotions throughout the day. We STILL get so many complements about how beautiful and unique our pictures are (stripper groomsman included).

If I could give them ten stars, I would. Absolutely amazing!

Tara & Kevin See Wedding

These photos are a treasure that will be part of our family’s fabric and identity for eternity.

By the way, all our friends had Googled you before our wedding and were in awe, and then your positive energy and hard work took them over the top. Our texts lit up after the wedding, with everyone commenting how amazing you were. We realized then that having you at our wedding was a gift to all the guests.

Those that want to hire you in the future need to know that with Two Mann, you are not just getting a tenacious, curious, hard-working, award-winning duo who create mind-blowing images; but two people whose kindness and huge hearts will make the wedding day all the more special.

We, and our children, will forever be in awe.

Love your super fans, Karen, Thomas, our kids Selah, Gabby, and 71 other grateful folks from the Comox Valley who all want you to come back!

Karen & Thomas Wedding coming soon!

Everyone was raving about them being everywhere, but nowhere.

I truly believe that, when hiring wedding photographers, it’s not ONLY about the work. I mean, the work is the “love at first sight,” but I would also want people persons. I would want someone who understands family values, and also gets to know you on a personal level.

I first met them at WPPI and from there, they got close to everyone, hugged them, talked to them and made sure they spent time with them.

I talked to my wife about their work and their personality after we got engaged, and after meeting them she also fell in love!

One year later, they shot our wedding, and everyone was raving about them being everywhere, but nowhere. Weird but true. They were able to capture moments that I wasn’t even sure if they were actually present.

I wanted wedding photographers that document our day and not control it and they did exactly that. This review is not only about how awesome our photos are, but also how great they are as a couple, family and people!

Rana & Madi See their wedding

You guys were most definitely the best part of our whole experience!

Meeting you two really inspired us. If you 100% follow your passion, you can wake up each morning and do what you really love. So inspired by you two in your business and your travels and overall perspective on life.

Courtney & Milo See their wedding

I never get sick of looking at the shots. It’s like each time I notice something new.

Love Erika and Lanny, they captured so many amazing shots that we can relive our whole day over and over. We had so much fun with them in Hawaii and hanging out with them for a few days. They are amazing – the only wedding photographers I would ever recommend.

Rae-Ann & Shayne See their wedding

We had such a blast with you guys all day long and felt 100% comfortable.

Words cannot even begin to describe how grateful and lucky we are that we had the two of you celebrating and photographing our big day with us. The photos and memories you were able to capture are absolutely incredible; we couldn’t have asked for anything more. You guys are truly the best in your field and we feel so privileged that we got to enjoy our day with you. We’ll be bragging about you guys and our photos for a long time!

Steph & Sabin See their wedding

Positive energy, passion, professionalism:what a team!

You two have an incredible ability to capture the moment, the emotion, and bring back memories of an unforgettable experience!! In addition to creating phenomenal photos – both Lanny and Erika are equally amazing; exuding positive energy, passion, professionalism, and a willingness to take the plunge (quite literally) to get the shot!  Thank you!

Rhaea & JP’s Parents See their wedding

A pair of goddamn action heros.

Michelle and Jared got married! Here’s the wedding photographers – a married couple – cuddled up back to back shooting in opposite directions like a pair of goddamn action heros. During an event all about scripted tributes to love, it was an unexpectedly poignant demonstration of the power of partnership and communication. They were also, by far, the most comfortable and in-the-flow people in the whole room, which was a pretty soothing thing to have around.

Guest at Michelle & Jared’s Wedding See their wedding

It’s no wonder they’re the ones photographers go to for their weddings.

Jocelyn & Sean See their wedding

You guys are masochistic machines!

Not only were you able to find every conceivable detail, angle, lighting, reflection, backdrop, and moment, but we couldn’t believe how you went to absolutely any length to get “the shot,” even if it meant lying face down in a slushy puddle or putting in a non-stop 18 hour day.

Cathryn & Cliff See their wedding

Truly love these guys.

A year later and we’re still enjoying and seeing new pictures. They were there from start to finish. No time constraints. They communicated with us clearly, and we knew what to expect. Loved their energy and our guests/family loved them too. Thanks for adding to our awesome wedding day.

Kimmi & Dwayne See their wedding

Truly go above and beyond in all they do.

Lanny and Erika’s work is impeccable and they were such a pleasure to be around – their smiles are infectious. They are true professionals and we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a part of their art.

Stephanie & Joel See their wedding

The response to your photos has been a constant stream of praise, hearty laughs, and joyful tears.

You managed to capture every special moment with beautifully creative photos that we had never dreamt possible, even though they were happening all around us. It’s no wonder you lead the industry; your work is second to none and you make your clients feel like stars with such a genuinely personal – and yet professional – connection.

Sabrina & Stefan See Wedding

Out of this world!

Rhaea & JP See their wedding