Courtney & Milo’s New Yorker Wedding in Brooklyn

The way they came into the place, we knew right then and there. There was something different about this duo. The way they moved. Her hair. Her veil. His socks. Divinity in motion. 😉

Before immersing yourself in Courtney and Milo’s wedding photos, forget everything you think you know about weddings and style. That’s exactly what Whitcomb & Shaftesbury London had to do when Milo insisted that they hem his pants 6 inches too short. And that’s exactly what Courtney and Milo’s “The New Yorker” themed wedding did for us… open our minds (and our lenses) to an off-the-wall style which had only existed in our dreams (and 80’s Michael Jackson videos).

The first inklings of this wedding’s unique awesomeness, came in the form of two shining, sparkling, sequin socks. You have to have seen (or photographed) them to believe them… custom-made MJ replicas, shining bright as diamonds. My jaw literally hit the floor as soon as I caught the first glimmer of them sparkling in the corner of my eye. Yes, I actually mean literally (not figuratively)… my chin literally made contact with the floor in Courtney and Milo’s Manhattan apartment, as I attempted to fill my frame with these socks while Milo slipped them onto his feet.

Remarkably, however, those socks were no match for a P.Y.T. named Courtney and her feathery white, custom-designed dress. Simply put… That girl was bad. That girl was dangerous! 

When Erika and I first laid eyes and hearts on Courtney and Milo in the morning, we just knew we were gonna be startin’ somethin’ out of the ordinary. And from that moment on, every guest, friend, relative, vendor and awe-struck passerby bore witness to a legendary wedding infused with style and class, entertainment and fun, friendship and love. It was our cherished honour to be a part of this magic, to partake in the fun, document the experience, and immortalize these memories for Courtney and Milo and all whom they love.

We could go on and on about every little thing that made this wedding so unique and unforgettable for us (Courtney and Milo thought meticulously about everything). But we really poured our hearts and souls into using our cameras to do just that. So we’ll let their photos do our talking.

Oh, and don’t miss Courtney & Milo’s wedding film by our friends at Parfait Productions. We always love working alongside them!

Courtney and Milo, what can we say? You rocked our world, you know you did. Thanks for trusting us all the way to New York. Your wedding was gone too soon and we already want you back, but hopefully these photos will make your world a better place and help you remember the time.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Two Mann Studios


CEREMONY VENUE – Our Lady of the Rosary


HAIR & MAKEUP – Miss Harlequin

FLORALS – Barbara’s Flowers

DJ – Beat Train Productions

BRIDAL GOWN – Kathryn Conover Bridal Couture

EARINGS & SHOES – Kate Spade New York



MEN’S SHOES – Goodwin Smith | Bucking Good Shoes

GROOM’S COUTURE MJ SOCKS – Kathryn Conover Bridal Couture

CAKE – Sugar Couture

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