Erika + Lanny =
Two Mann

Erika (she/her)

Meet Erika, the most genuine, authentic, feisty little bitch I know. I love her to death (and she’ll almost certainly be the death of me). She lives her life as though she’s permanently connected to a polygraph machine — unable to speak anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god (seriously, help me god). Fortunately for me, her truth happens to be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known. A spirited force to be reckoned with. An unquenchable lust for life and adventure. Sucked me right in. And I’ll never escape.

Lanny (he/him)

Meet Lanny. I’ve been married to him for over 15 years now. He’s the most driven, hardworking person I know. When he does something, whether it’s making a pour-over coffee, shooting a wedding, or training for a race, he does it with a standard of excellence and obsessive focus second to none. There is no rushing this Mann. He will never compromise quality for an improvement in efficiency (especially his morning coffee). As his wife, it drives me nuts, but it’s also what I love (just don’t tell him).

Want boring wedding photos? We’re not for you.

We don’t do safe and boring. We do holy shit and WTF. We are not going to merely give you photos. We’re going to give you works of art that blow your mind, communicate the essence of who you are, tell your stories beyond what you see, and move complete strangers to stop and stare. If you’re brave enough to trust us with your memories, then we’re brave enough to shock your socks off.

Have kids will travel

Travelling the world with our kids has been one of the greatest gifts of our career. For nearly four years, we travelled as a family through 27 countries, connecting the dots between weddings and workshops around the globe. Photographing our family adventures has helped shape the way we see and photograph the world, and our weddings. Now that our kids are budding teenagers in “real” school, we do most of our family adventures in the summer. This year, we’re sea kayaking in Haida Gwaii, and undertaking a 700 km canoe expedition in the Yukon wilderness.

Gosh darn it,
we’re good at this.

You bet, we’re experienced. In fact, we’ve done this in 47 countries on 6 continents (Antarctica’s next). You bet, we’re “award-winning.” In fact, we’re the “highly esteemed judges.” But you shouldn’t give two shits about any of that. What matters is that we deliver an experience that exceeds all your expectations. Because that’s exactly what we’re going to do.







the pros.

We believe in the power of photography. We believe it can be a vehicle to touch individual lives – not just through the photos, but through our actions. We believe in the power of community. We lead a community of 23,000+ students from around the world that learn and mentor with us. We may ask you if we can use your wedding photos to teach and enrich this community of professional photographers. As leaders in the photography world, we feel a great responsibility to nurture more leaders. Leaders who spread kindness, generosity, betterment, and world-class photography around the world.