Profoto A1 Review – Mercedes of Speedlites?

  • “I don’t sing it if I don’t mean it.” – Michael Jackson

    This Profoto A1 review is our very first product review. It is unauthorized, unsolicited and unfiltered. Erika and I are not (and have never been) paid to endorse any products or companies. We can not, have not, and will never endorse anything that we don’t actually use ourselves and actually love. Ergo, this is what we actually think about the new Profoto A1.

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    • Man dancing and having fun at wedding dance party

    Montreal Science Centre Wedding | Rana & Madi

    At the heart of every great relationship, is trust. And trust is what brought us (and our cameras) to Rana and Madi’s Montreal Science Centre wedding in Quebec. Madi himself, is a highly sought-after professional wedding photographer (no pressure). Rana is a professional interior designer (yes please). Together, their combined vision for their wedding was ambitious, to put it mildly, especially considering that they took it all on themselves!

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    • silhouette of bride and groom with dj lights at wedding reception

    Allyson & Ryan’s Rimrock Resort Hotel Wedding

    The twists of fate and circumstance that brought Allyson and Ryan’s search for Rimrock Resort Hotel wedding photography to us, are wonderful and mysterious. We’ve learned that being able to truly “see” our couples, their loved ones, and their stories, is critical to being able to tap into the meaningful, storytelling imagery that inspires us most. We “saw” Allyson and Ryan! And we loved what we saw! Our mutual roots in sports and Canada’s North West Territories, made it so easy for us to just fall right into their relatable story.

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    • Rimrock resort hotel wedding photography
    • little boy cheers with groomsmen banff wedding
    • bride makeup with bridesmaids and baby banff wedding
    • groomsman smoking cigar at wedding in banff
    • Groom shaving at wedding
    • Groomsmen getting ready for wedding in Banff
    • Bride putting on earrings
    • Bride and bridesmaids laughing
    • Bride and father kissing before wedding ceremony
    • Grooms reaction when bride comes down the isle
    • groom watching bride come down the isle with her dad
    • bride laughing during wedding ceremony
    • bride and groom watching singer during wedding ceremony
    • bride and groom walking down the isle after ceremony
    • bride laughing and groom drinking beer in limo
    • Bride and bridesmaids laughing in limo
    • bride slipping feet into running shoes with bouquet at mountain wedding
    • bride and groom at mountain wedding in Banff
    • Bride hugging mom and baby
    • Father of the bride during wedding reception
    • parents laughing during wedding reception
    • Best man speech and emotional groom during wedding reception
    • parents reaction during wedding reception
    • Little boy watching wedding cake cutting
    • DJ table and dance floor at wedding reception
    • parents of the bride dancing at wedding reception party
    • Little boy being swung up into the air on the dance floor by bride and groom at wedding reception party
    • wedding guests partying on the dance floor at wedding reception
    • Dancers on dance floor at wedding reception
    • Groom singing karaoke on dance floor at wedding reception
    • DJ and dancers partying on dance floor at wedding reception

    Ashley & Dan’s Emerald Lake Lodge Wedding Canada

    On the morning of Ashley and Dan’s winter wedding in the Canadian Rockies, we all awoke in our cozy chalets at Emerald Lake Lodge to a winter wonderland. The surrounding mountain landscape was cloaked in a white blanket of snow, while big fluffy flakes fell incessantly from the sky. By first light, Dan was already outside shovelling out the benches he’d dug into the snowbanks for their outdoor ceremony on the frozen shores of Emerald Lake. That’s right, outdoor ceremony! Ashley and Dan were absolutely determined to have their mountain ceremony outdoors, amid the most beautiful of mountain backdrops, no matter what Mother Nature threw at them! And they would have, except for one tiny little scientific fact… water freezes and thaws at 0℃.

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    • emerald-lake-lodge-wedding
    • emerald-lake-lodge-wedding-reception

    Devika & Joseph’s Wedding in Lucknow, India

    Our first wedding in India was not just any wedding (as no wedding ever is). It was the highly-anticipated wedding of Joseph Radhik and Devika Narain, two of the hottest wedding professionals in India. Joseph; a legendary wedding photographer, and Devika; a legendary wedding designer. But that’s not what made their wedding legendary. Joseph and Devika are literally overflowing with contagious optimism and unfiltered love for each other, their friends, and their family. Their energy (and that of their families), is what catapulted this celebration to legendary proportions.

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    Best of 2016

    2016 was a crazy year. Our cameras took us to 12 countries on 4 continents. We taught Balls Out Workshops on each of those continents to photographers from all over the world. We spoke at Mystic Seminars in Portland, USA, FotoFem 2 in Ubeda, Spain, Fearless Conference in Porto, Portugal, SILK Inspire Festival in Goa, India, and Egadi Wedding & Glamour in Sicily, Italy. And we embarked on a round-the-world adventure with our kids (ages 6 & 8).

    But this post isn’t about any of that. It’s about the 15 weddings we were entrusted with in 2016.

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    Bailey & Tyler’s Wedding | Teatro Restaurant, Calgary

    We flew half way around the world for Bailey and Tyler’s wedding at Teatro Restaurant in Calgary, Canada (even though it’s just one hour from our home), giving it all the familiar elements of a far-away destination wedding for us… six international flights, alluring cuisine (Teatro is a destination in and of itself), and the celebratory vibe of an exclusive group of friends and family, gathered for an occasion for which they all care so deeply.

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