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Mariana & Paúl’s Wedding in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

We broke four cameras at this wedding. 😱 And it was completely worth it. 😅 Words I doubt you’d expect to hear from us. 

Seriously, by the end of Mariana and Paúl’s ceremony on the beach, only one of our four cameras was still semi-functioning–barely. 😱  The other three were completely trashed. They wouldn’t even turn on. 😩

Why, you ask?

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Ian & Travis’ Wedding at Chateau Lake Louise

Gawd dammit. It’s 4 AM, and I’ve been sitting here in front of this bloody screen for hours! I literally CANNOT think of what to write. Why is this so hard? If I didn’t already love Ian and Travis to death, I sure as heck do now. I’ve practically been living and breathing their wedding photos, day and night, for weeks and weeks. And yet here I sit, and here I stare, without any words that feel right. I keep scrolling down through the images below, and I just can’t stop smiling. But then I scroll back up here to the top, determined to write all about it, and—nothing.

I finally realized why! Every damn thing I think of writing, is unbelievable—as in, nobody’s gonna believe me. How can I say the things I want to say, without sounding like I’m full of shit?

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Taylor & Zach’s Winter Wedding in Banff, Canada

We haven’t photographed a wedding with more than 10 guests in over 14 months. To say that we were excited to get back to shooting is an understatement. If Covid has given us anything, it’s a new perspective. The mundanity of life is the beauty of life.

Taylor and Zach’s wedding can hardly be described as “mundane.” They got married in a freakin’ castle, surrounded by majestic snow-capped mountains! It was truly spectacular. BUT, the understated “normal” moments are what really brought Taylor and Zach’s wedding to life. It was Taylor’s Mom (a dance mom through Taylor’s childhood), doing her hair and makeup on her wedding day, for the 213th time. It was an impromptu game of poker. It was Zach’s grandmother, suffering from dementia, knowing exactly what was going on during brief moments of lucidity. It was hugs, smiles, glances, gestures, laughs. It was the little things that we experience every single day, that go unnoticed. But, on this day… it was all noticed. And it was beautiful.

Taylor, Zach, and family, thank you so much for trusting us to notice.

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Dee & Max in London, England

WAY back in 2019, before the world fell apart, we taught a workshop in London, England. Max and Dee agreed to be “models” for our demo shoot, and “model” they did –– with 15 curious photographers following their every move.

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Jenny, Jesse, Easton and Steele

Jenny and Jesse are one of the amazing couples we got to meet through the filming of our photography course, Two Mann U. They had to contend with, not only the buzz of our photography, but the nerve-racking secondary dimension of a film crew. Almost paparazzi-style, we traipsed through the beauty just outside of our doorstep. They never missed a beat.

Jenny and Jesse, thanks for coming out to play in front of the many cameras and rising to the challenge of having to perform for for our students’ benefit (and by perform, we mean, be yourselves). We hope these photos show exactly what we saw and felt in you – a powerful love that just radiates between you. Thanks for letting it shine so openly, right into our lenses. Next time we hang out, we are definitely bringing beers!

We also got to meet their awesome sons. Thank you, Easton and Steele, for being so cool (but not too cool for us to see the beautiful bonds you share). We hope these photos help you never forget the magic of your family. Next time we hang out, we are definitely bringing Madelyn and Timmy.

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Shawna & Brett, Brett & Shawna

It’s a bloody miracle Brett still wants anything to do with us. Having spent the better part of the last two years witnessing, recording, watching, and editing our life, he knows more about us and our creative process than anyone ever should.

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Natalie & Dave

The result of any creative process is just the tip of an iceberg that we can’t begin to understand or appreciate. The art we look at, the poems we read, the music we listen to; it’s not creativity, it’s the result of creativity. The process from which it was produced is rarely considered, and even more rarely exposed. But that’s where the magic is. And that’s where Two Mann U shines it’s most important spotlight – not on the results, but on the process that gets us there.

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Blood, Sweat, and Beers: Making of Two Mann U

A Story of Relentless Obsession

If you know us, you’ll know we can be relentlessly determined (especially me), brutally honest (especially Erika), and hopelessly ambitious (both of us).

When it comes to anything that we care about, we just can’t seem to half-ass it. It’s full-ass, or no-ass.

Case in point, the past 42 months has been full of sweat, cursing (think; Winnebago Man), fighting (which we excel at), making up (which we also excel at), and pushing through to birth a giant amazing baby into the world.

That baby; is Two Mann U.

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