Coffee or cocktail?

We like to meet everyone who is considering hiring us. Let’s schedule a video call, drink something yummy (alcoholic or not), and really get to know each other. Bring ALL of your questions. We’ll share Lanny’s famous Margarita recipe (which is very boozy)!

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What’s your style?

Bold, bright, unique, and authentically real. We are creative storytellers who aim to artfully record the authentic story of your day. Our goal is for you to relive the true experience of your wedding day through our photos. Inconspicuously show you the natural magic of your day, your true character, the people who supported you, and the way the day unfolded through the eyes of keen observers. We don’t direct or intervene, we capture candid moments as they happen.

But, we also push beyond the confines of photojournalism and gently offer direction that will help you shine brightly in ways that are natural to you. You won’t feel posed or contrived. We won’t Photoshop you to be unrecognizable. We will climb trees, wade barefoot across glacier-fed rivers, even shoot from within the deluge of a freezing water fountain. We are constantly dreaming up new, unique, and creative perspectives. The end results are timeless images that speak for themselves.

What does your coverage include?

Us, all day, from dusk to dawn. Bride prep, groom prep, ceremony, portraits, reception, dance, party… the entire experience. We have one package: Complete comprehensive coverage, no limits on time, no limit on images taken, and no limit on locations. We want nothing to distract you from your perfect day or us from our obsessive goal of telling the complete story of your day in the most beautiful and creative way possible.

How many images will we receive?

Let’s start with what you don’t get: A couple thousand “so-so-mediocre” photos. For us, quality means a couple hundred “omg-wtf-wow-holy-shit” photos. Less is more. On average, our couples usually receive 700 to 1000 images, depending on the nature of their celebration.

When will we receive our photos?

We aim to wow you with a few sneak peeks within a few weeks of your wedding. But, you know the old adage: The best things in life come to those who wait. Our creative commitment to you extends well beyond your wedding day. It generally takes us about 12 weeks to artistically master your images, prepare your web gallery, produce your slideshow, and design your album (which will arrive 6–8 weeks after final design approval).

What do we do if the weather goes to shit?

We’ve got a little confession to make: When shit goes wrong at a wedding (like the weather), we get excited. We love it when things don’t go as planned. We will keep our cameras up and continue telling that story. It’s interesting, it’s exciting, and it’s what makes it your wedding, not a cookie-cutter wedding. Torrential rain, pounding hail, crazy wind storms, snow as tall as Lanny (who is 6’4”), we have shot in it all. If you decide to move the wedding indoors, into the only venue available, perhaps grandma’s basement, we will shoot that, too. We show the magic of your wedding day, as is!

I hate having my photo taken. Why would I hire you to do that?

Humans have been trained to say “Cheese!” when a camera comes out. Ugh. We’re not show monkeys or supermodels. Most people hate having their photo taken because they hate the results of those unnatural cringe-worthy prompted moments. We’ve been told — by all of our clients — that they didn’t notice us on their wedding day. We become invisible. The only time you will notice our cameras is when we’re taking family formals and portraits. Even those we make sure are fun, laid back, and absolutely natural. With minimal “Cheese” factor, our so-called posing is about giving your actions and riddles that will elicit the authentic you and your actual relationship interaction.