JAMIE + JAMSHED’s Banff Indian Wedding, AKA Jam Jam 2014

Our first ever Indian wedding was an event so memorable and off-the-hook crazy that it developed it’s very own title… Jam Jam 2014. “Jam Jam” being Jamie + Jamshed, one of the kindest, most authentic couples we’ve ever met. Their 2 day extravaganza had a self-proclaimed “Cowboy & Indian” theme. The first day was “cowboy” as in “western,” complete with country music, line dancing, and s’mores roasted over a roaring bon fire. The second day was Two Mann’s debut into the crazy world of Indian Weddings. We loved every second of it. Perhaps it was the way in which we were welcomed into both families with such open arms and hearts. Perhaps it was the unabashed bollywood dancing. Perhaps it was the non-stop Jager Bombs! But mostly, it was the genuine authenticity of the people we were photographing and celebrating with. No one held back one ounce of their joy in celebrating Jamie and Jamshed’s beautiful love for each other. This is what makes a wedding a wedding! Thank you Jamie and Jamshed for welcoming us into your celebration so whole heartedly. We love you guys!

Jam_Jam_01 Jam_Jam_03Jam-Jam_0119_FINALJam_Jam_06Jam_Jam_07 Jam-Jam_0360-as-Smart-Object-2Jam_Jam_08 Jam_Jam_09 Jam_Jam_10 Jam_Jam_11 Jam_Jam_15 Jam_Jam_16J_J_01_FINAL8Jam_Jam_17 Jam_Jam_18 Jam_Jam_19 Jam_Jam_20 Jam_Jam_21 Jam_Jam_22 Jam_Jam_23 Jam_Jam_24 Jam_Jam_25 Jam_Jam_26 Jam_Jam_27 Jam_Jam_28Jam_Jam_29Jam_Jam_02Jam_Jam_04Jam_Jam_31Jam_Jam_34 Jam_Jam_35 Jam_Jam_36 Jam_Jam_38Jam_Jam_37 Jam_Jam_40Jam_Jam_33Jam-Jam_2022_FINALJam_Jam_42 Jam_Jam_45Jam_Jam_44 Jam_Jam_46 Jam_Jam_43Jam_Jam_47 Jam-Jam_3149_FINALJam_Jam_48 Jam_Jam_49 Jam_Jam_50 Jam_Jam_51 Jam_Jam_52 Jam_Jam_53 Jam_Jam_54 Jam_Jam_55 Jam_Jam_56 Jam_Jam_57 Jam_Jam_58 Jam_Jam_59 Jam_Jam_60 Jam_Jam_61

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