DIANA + JASON’s Calgary Filipino/Chinese Wedding

We first met Diana and Jason beneath a rainbow in the pouring rain for their engagement session. And from that night on, we knew their Filipino/Chinese wedding would be full of fun surprises. Lanny and I have a new love affair with cultural weddings.  Theirs started with the groom and groomsmen being put through a series of obstacles in an effort to enter the brides house. This involved some hilarious lip synching and classic “boy band” dance moves. It then moved onto a tea ceremony, a traditional Filipino ceremony which involved feeding each other huge glutinous rice balls. It ended with a Filipino money dance in which every guest took a turn dancing with the bride and groom after pinning a piece of money to their head piece. What we love most about these cultural weddings is that no matter how inexperienced or green we are to the cultural traditions, we are welcomed in with open arms. Thank you Diana and Jason for treated us like family and trusting us with your beautifully intimate celebration.


D&J_02 D&J_03 D&J_04 D&J_05 D&J_06 D&J_07 D&J_08 D&J_09 D&J_10 D&J_11 D&J_12 D&J_13 D&J_14D&J_01

D&J_16D&J_19 D&J_20 D&J_21 D&J_22 D&J_23 D&J_24D&J_26 D&J_27 D&J_28 D&J_30 D&J_25

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