MARIE + JUSTIN’s Intimate Wedding Elopement in Banff, Canada

Las Vegas natives, Marie and Justin decided to leave the big city lights and Elvis marriage chapels to get married in the Canadian Rockies. We first met Marie and Justin just two days before their wedding. Over beers and tacos, we discovered that we had a lot more in common than we knew. Justin is a firefighter for the Las Vegas Fire Department and Marie used to plan weddings. This meant that Justin and Lanny instantly bonded, and spent the whole evening exchanging stories and firefighter pranks. If you are a firefighter, or happen to be married to one (like I am), you know what I’m taking about.  When their big day arrived, it was cloudy and overcast. However, a mix up with the flowers, delayed the ceremony by 20 minutes. This was just enough time for the rain to stop for their intimate outdoor ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony, the clouds dispersed, and we were all treated to amazing evening light combined with rain soaked trees and wispy low clouds. It was a truly magical day. We can’t wait to hang out with Marie and Justin, when we head down to Vegas this March. Thanks to our friend Shannon Pratt for spending the day helping us out.M_J_24


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