Sara + Adam’s Wedding | Island Lake Lodge | Fernie, BC | Canada

Our first encounter with Sara was at Justine and Lee’s wedding on the summit of Kicking Horse Mountain where Sara was one of Justine’s beautiful bridesmaids. We were awestruck (along with everyone else) when Sara (a professional soprano) sang a beautiful piece during their mountain top ceremony.

Flash forward 2 years, and we were treated with the honour of photographing Sara and Adam’s wedding at Island Lake Lodge in Fernie, British Columbia. If there’s one thing we learned from Justine and Lee’s wedding, it’s that Sara, Adam, and their circle of friends know how to party like nobody’s business!

Normally we would insert something here about their actual wedding ceremony. How it took place on the shores of Island Lake, on a peninsula, suitably named “I Dew Point.” How there was music infused into every element of their ceremony, with no less than 6 opera singers, and a string quartet. How amazing it was to be surrounding by majestic mountains, music and love. How thoughtful and funny the speeches were… blah, blah, blah. All of those elements of Sara and Adams wedding were true, memorable, and amazing. But what made their wedding truly spectacular was the people. Beautiful people. Funny people. Expressive people, not afraid to show their emotions. This combination of tight knit friends, family, and energy created an event that was beyond special for, not just Sara and Adam, but for every one attending (including their photographers). They also produced one of the most epic dance parties we have ever photographed. The pictures will do a better job of communicating what we simply can’t in words.  Sarah and Adam, we are so happy for you two!

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