Kim & Wayne’s Wedding

Newfoundlanders know how to party! Even if it involves a stinky 3-day old dead fish, that’s been flown all the way across Canada (in a guest’s backpacks, no less). When Kim and Wayne told us about this Newfoundlander tradition, known as “getting screeched.” Lanny and I were ALL in! I mean, who doesn’t want to document the shit out people getting drunk and kissing a 3-day old dead fish? The reactions were priceless and so much fun to photograph, despite the stench. 

Perhaps even more amazing than that, was how Ciara Glendon (one of the world’s best wedding planners/designer) somehow managed to make this dead fish look as classy as the rest of the wedding. Resting on a bed of ice, underneath a personalized ice sculpture, this dead cod, greeted everyone as we arrived for the reception at the historic Inn at officer’s gardens.

Kim & Wayne, thank you both so much for putting your trust in us. We really had so much fun at your wedding. We will never forget it.

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