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Rhaea & JP’s Destination Wedding in Thailand

“Since the last decade, I’m living my dream life with the woman that I love with passion, that make me a better man, and that I want to pass eternity with.” – JP

In his endearing French-Canadian accent, JP fought through a flood of emotions while rehearsing these heartfelt vows on the morning of his wedding. His half-dressed groomsmen were there for support, and to help craft the english words to express his feelings for Rhaea. Also present was JP’s dad, with guitar and amp, to rehearse with JP for the night’s surprise duet performance. Outside the wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, beyond the deep-blue infinity pool, stretched the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea. We’d all come from across the world, to Phuket, Thailand, for Rhaea & JP’s destination wedding at Sri Panwa Resort.

Just a few luxurious villas over, hidden amongst the lush tropical flora and surrounded by their own breathtaking views, were Rhaea and her girls, basking in the palpable excitement of the day and slowly succumbing to mounting appetites. Meanwhile, the boys – having unintentionally received Rhaea’s entire food order – were all feasting like kings on a double order of everything the resort had to offer.

Alas, everyone gathered atop the hilltop-rooftop terrace for a ceremony that looked and felt as though it were floating above the Andaman waters below. The outstanding views were eclipsed, however, the moment JP laid eyes on Rhaea. From that moment on, everyone was swept up in the beautiful, emotional joining of two befitting souls.

One of our favourite things about destination weddings is that every single person who makes the commitment to be there, is there because they absolutely want/need to be there. The result is an irreplicable vibe that Erika and I thrive on. This destination wedding was no exception. We genuinely loved documenting every minute of the celebration… from starting the morning in the pool with our cameras, to the ceremony in the sky, to JP and his dad’s searing performance during the reception (which was legendary), to finishing the night back in the pool with our cameras again, along with everybody – clothes and all.

A huge thank you to our good friend, Ray Prop, who helped us out so much with this wedding. We couldn’t have pulled this one off without him!

Rhaea and JP, what can we say? Thank you so much for trusting us all the way to Thailand. We love you guys!

  • Bride and groom embracing by the Andaman Sea
  • Father of groom practicing guitar for the wedding party
  • groom taking a shower before the wedding at Sri Panwa Resort, Phuket, Thailand
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  • a bide preparing makeup by the andaman sea
  • enjoying the feast on the wedding day
  • A groom and his father rehear duet performance for the wedding
  • Happy moment before wedding by the Andaman Sea
  • a groom practicing the final draft of speech before wedding at Sri Panwa Resort
  • A groom and his groomsman rehearsing for the wedding
  • groom taking a shower on wedding day
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  • wedding ceremony at Sri Panwa Resort, Phuket
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  • Thailand ocean front wedding ceremony
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  • mama training up her boy to be a man
  • i am part of your world
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  • Cocktail hour in paradise, Phuket, Thailand
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  • the groom singing for the bride at a thailand destination wedding
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  • exciting guests enjoying happy moments at wedding reception in phuket
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  • New couple enjoying fishing song at sunset in phuket