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Anna & Brian’s Wedding | Baltimore, Maryland

The following text message arrived on our phone, 6 weeks after Anna & Brian’s wedding…

“Some sad news, Anna’s father passed away this morning suddenly. I was wondering if you would be able to send a picture of her and her dad or her dad and mom together that we could use for the funeral.” – Brian

Living and breathing Anna and Brian’s wedding photos ever since, has been a transcendental rollercoaster of emotions. In that one magical day, Anna’s dad had left such a sweet, beautiful impression on Erika and me. We saw and felt first hand how much joy this wonderful man brought to so many. It was palpable all day long… from his welcoming smile in the morning, to his unabashed dancing at night… he was life, epitomized. Little did anyone know, the photos we made on that day would become some of the last visual chronicles of his vibrant presence on Earth. The weight of the role we play as family historians, had never felt so heavy… so consequential.

Fittingly, Anna and Brian’s wedding was, by all accounts, a brazen celebration of life and love. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of the utter joy and happiness that Anna and Brian seem to affect in everyone around them… from the littlest kids… to the cutest grandmas. Just genuine good souls with so much love to go around. We were welcomed in like old friends and our cameras stayed pressed up against our smiling faces all day long.

Chesapeake Bay Beach Club was the perfect setting for everything… from their intimate little ceremony set to the beautiful tunes of Gina Sobel, to the spectacular crab cake dinner, to the raucous dance floor… the shenanigans on which were fuelled all night long by the high-energy musical performances of Spectrum. Filming right alongside us were the calm, cool and collected Wise brothers (Ethan and Aaron of Wise Films), working their cinematic magic. And bending over backwards with big beaming smiles, were Jeanne & Macy of Enchanting Events & Design who had everything looking like magic and running like clockwork.

Drenched with love, life, and loss… this was a wedding our emotions will never let us forget. It epitomized for us, so much about what is best about life, love, and family. Anna and Brian, thank you and your families so much for trusting us with these precious memories! Immortalizing them for you was an honour our words cannot describe (but hopefully these photos can).

  • Elated newly weds walk together through a field
  • Bride officiates arm wrestling between bridesmaids
  • Bridesmaid struggles to win arm wrestle as other bridesmaids cheer
  • The bridesmaids cheer as one is about to win an arm wrestle
  • Bride and her bridesmaids sit around a room chatting
  • Cheers! before the big day
  • Man shaves while another takes a shower
  • A man passes a towel into a foggy shower
  • Man shaves in the washroom while another brushes his teeth in the living room
  • Groom looking in the mirror getting ready for wedding day
  • The silhouette of men standing around a room talking
  • Bridesmaid sits between two friends with her hands in her lap
  • A bride and her mom smile as they react to a phone
  • Bride hugs her grandmother
  • Bridesmaid shows a dress to three other ladies
  • Bridesmaid and the bride's mother fix the bride's hair while she holds a flute of Champagne
  • Bride and father share a dance as mother looks on proudly
  • Through a column of the dress shoes of the groomsmen a young boy can be seen in formal attire
  • Bride gets onto a black limo
  • Thumbs up from the groom!
  • Weddings guests stand as the bride's father walks her down the aisle
  • Bride's father hugs the groom at the wedding ceremony
  • An outdoor wedding ceremony on a day with bright skies
  • Weddings guests clap as the bride and groom kiss for the first time as husband and wife
  • Bride and groom hold hands and smile at one another as they walk back down the aisle
  • Bride holds her own dress as she walks through shrubbery
  • Bride and groom hold each other
  • Surrounded by large trees the bride and groom embrace
  • Weddings guests raise their arms as the bride and groom walk back down the aisle
  • Groomsmen congratulate the groom
  • The bride and groom smile, laugh, and celebrate with friends and family
  • The bride's father raises a glass at the wedding banquet
  • Groom hugs the bride's father
  • Party guest delivers a speech with drink in hand
  • Bride's mother hugs the groom
  • Bride and groom share a dance as friends cheer on
  • Bride and groom dance as the groom lifts the bride's leg
  • Bride and her father share a dance at the wedding banquet
  • Bride's father spins her daughter as they dance
  • Groom dances passionately with bride at the wedding reception
  • Wedding party goers sing and dance
  • Party goers raise their hands to dance and music at the wedding reception
  • A young boy looks into the camera while on the dance floor
  • Groom sings with party guests
  • Wedding reception guests dance and sing together
  • Guests dance together at the wedding reception
  • The bride and groom dance and sing with a singer
  • A young boy falls asleep on a chair after the wedding reception