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Manns in Greece

After two months of travel and adventure in Australia, it was on to the Greek Islands for our first international workshops and an ambitious month of travelling with Madelyn and Timmy.

Here are just a few of our favorite memories from Greece:

– Dining beside the sea on the freshest grilled calamari, baked feta cheeses, and the finest olive oils on Earth.

– Island hopping from Paros to Naxos to Santorini to Mykonos.

– Madelyn and Timmy’s reactions to the nudest beach(es) we “accidenlty’ stumbled upon.

– Catching up with our friends Kirsten (Lewis) and Greg Bethmann in Santorini and having Kirsten photograph a “Day In the Life” session for our family.

– Sharing and learning on a mountain-top villa with wonderful photographers from Greece, India, Dubai, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, and Canada.

– Catching up with Erika’s sister, Meagan, who took care of Madelyn and Timmy during our workshops.

– Dining, swimming and cliff jumping at La Grotta, where they filmed parts of the 1981 James Bond movie, “For Your Eyes Only.”

– Mango Mint Daiquiris on the beach in Mykonos. Simply the best cocktails we’ve ever experienced.

– Crete (where we lost 1200 photos).

– Hanging out on secret little, secluded, boat-access-only beaches in Corfu.

– Exploring “The Blue Eye” (photo below) and other caves in Corfu.

– The people of Greece, especially Thanassis, Yiannis, and Giorgos!

As photographers, we often rely on images, in place of words, to share our memories and feelings. And so that’s exactly what we’ve done below, along with some stories and artwork from Madelyn’s and Timmy’s journals. Stay tuned for Croatia.

  • Young boy and girl sitting on pier pointing at water during sunset
  • Young boy chase birds away in traditional town square in Greece
  • Person running towards Greek ruins
  • Young girl running inside Panathenaic Stadium
  • Young girl on ferry with Greek flag
  • Mom and kids walk off ferry on clear day
  • Young girl under trees walk along pier
  • Young girl walking on new masonry pavement
  • Octopuses hanging on dock railing
  • Two kids standing on rock in the middle of the sea watch woman dive into the water
  • Young girl walking on large rocks on seashore
  • Kids on seashore sidewalk towards white houses
  • Young boy walking on seashore under trees
  • Young girl in orange swimsuit looking out into the sea
  • Sea and blue sky meeting at the horizon
  • Father and kids walk along seashore beside Greek ruins at sunset
  • Young girl walking alone down narrow street
  • Two kids sitting on rock wall on hilltop staring out into sea
  • Mother taking a break on hike with boy behind her about to sneeze
  • Two kids in dark rocky tunnel stand face to face
  • Two kids sitting on beach with straw hut behind them
  • Young child plays with sand
  • Young girl in blue dress playing with green bug in her hand
  • Girl walking up steps of Temple of Hephaestus
  • Two kids standing between giant pillars of Temple of Hephasestus
  • Mirror with reflection of boy between two paintings on wall
  • Young boy with curly blonde hair with skull and crossbones hat
  • Kids walking down steps of ancient Greek ruins while dad is standing above taking photos
  • Girl swinging on swing in front of giant tree with violet flowers
  • Boy and girl swinging on the swings
  • Kids walk down narrow streets with clotheslines hanging above
  • Girl walk down narrow street between old yellow buildings
  • Reflection of young girl walking down street on store window
  • Mother point at something in the distance and her kids sitting beside her
  • School of fish swimming in sea with large rock above
  • Kids sitting in the sand on the beach with blue towels wrapped around them
  • Girl stacking rocks on beach
  • Father and daughter standing in water looking up at cliff above them
  • Girl with snorkeling goggles on her head and towel wrapped around her
  • Boy and girl running in shallow water on the beach
  • Father and kids walk along beach in shallow water
  • Father lifts daughter up in the air on the beach
  • Boy and girl playing in shallow water on the beach
  • Close up of young girl with wet hair on her face laying on the beach in shallow water
  • Young boy running in shallow water on the beach
  • Young boy and girl run across beach
  • Young boy and girl sitting on old wood pier with legs hanging below
  • Man jumps off cliff as onlookers in water watch at the beach
  • Girl floating in emerald green sea water
  • Young girl in blue dress running in shallow water on beach