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Manns in India

India overwhelmed us in every conceivable way. It swept us up, shook us to the core, flooded our every sense, and then set us back down again as different people, in a world that will never quite be the same.

It all started with our tourist visas… the ones we failed to acquire until the absolute last second of the 11th hour. Having been so immersed in our travels through Sri Lanka, we totally forgot to request our tourist visas until the night before our flight from Colombo to Bombay. Little did we know, this was to be the first of many speed bumps along our topsy turvy journey through the chaos of India… missed flights, rescheduled trains, 8 hour delays, crowded markets, cow jams, unfathomable traffic, and HORNS! But within all this chaos, confusion and noise, was an inexplicable beauty and peacefulness we have never experienced.

A few of our most memorable adventures in India were…

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Manns in Sri Lanka

When we boarded the plane for the start of our round-the-world adventure, we had only one night’s accommodation reserved… our first. The rest was completely up in the air. We knew we were starting in Sri Lanka, and that our first night would be spent at Kandy Cottage, but that’s about all we knew. On the way to the airport, we purchased the Sri Lanka Lonely Planet guidebook on iTunes, and we were off into the unknown, with two kids, two cameras, and two heads filled with dreams coming true.

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Manns in Cottage Country

Every summer, we spend one incredible week at our family’s cottage in Ontario. Here is an attempt to capture the feeling of this experience in photos (by Erika) and words (by Madelyn & Timmy)…

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Manns in New York

When The Brenizers (the artists formerly known as Tatiana & Ryan) asked us to photograph their wedding in New York City (coming soon), our only hesitation was having to leave Madelyn & Timmy back home. It’s one of the hardest things to do, when we travel to shoot or teach abroad. But then it dawned on us…

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Manns in Kauai

When we found out that we were going to be escaping the bitter cold January weather to shoot a wedding in Hawaii, the next logical thing to do was find a way to extend the experience for as long as possible.

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A Life Lost and a Life Saved

I have held off posting about my trip to Ghana because, quite frankly, I have been at a loss for words. It has taken a long time to process and formulate logical thoughts about what happened in Ghana… what I discovered, and what was unearthed within me.

In November 2015, I joined my sister, Dr. Carlye to a remote region of Northern Ghana. There, I spent 7 days documenting the important work of a medical relief team. Together with local Ghanian health professionals, the team travelled to remote villages with no healthcare. It was an incredible gift to document the work and impact of this team. I owe every single image I made to their compassion, dedication and hard work. I owe even more to the local Ghanaians who showed me their reality. As much hardship as I witnessed, these are some of the wealthiest people I have ever met. I witnessed the wealth that comes from the simplicity of living, free from phones, computers, internet, tv…etc. A good reminder of what’s important.

If i were to sum up my experience in Ghana with one word, it would be “Truth”. Truth that beauty exists in both life and death. I witnessed a life lost, and I witnessed a life saved. Both equally impactful. Both equally beautiful in their own unique way. I’ve chosen to limit this blog post to these two stories.

For a full spectrum of the images I made in Ghana or to make a donation please click here.GHANA_0803

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Manns in Australia

This is the most personal work we have ever shared. Only, it’s not work. No brides. No grooms. No SLRs. No flashes. This is just us, and the two most important things in our world. It has always been our dream to travel the world with our kids and we’re having the time of our lives doing just that right now.

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Kids wading on beach in Australia on starry night
Little girl laughing towards the camera
Close up of little boy with long blonde hair on the beach
Kids playing with their dad in the back of a camper
Silhouette of little boy in still water
Young girl kneeling on rocks on the beach
Young boy pokes head out camper window
Raindrops on a camper window
Two kids tucked in bed while mother reads them a bedtime story
Young boy looks down from above in camper
Father and son in camper in forest
Young kids run across fallen tree trunk in foggy forest
Young boy sitting on ground crying in forest
Young girl writing in her journal on a fallen tree trunk
Clothes line attached to camper and little boy looking inside
Stuffed teddy bear and skipping rope hanging on a tree branch
Father and two young kids climb down rocky mountain barefoot
Two kids walk across wooden bridge at night with campfire
Young boy jump into bed
Reflection of kids sitting on floor with iPad on the window
Young girl walking along a path in a vibrant forest
Young boy walking beside giant earth worm on rainy forest floor
Young girl looking up at trees in forest
Father and young boy on a road trip
Young boy and girl sitting on back of camper having lunch
Little boy and girl kicking water at the beach
Father playing in the water on the beach
Young girl with towel wrapped around her face at the beach
Young girl at the beach with rainbow in the sky
Young girl running towards ocean at the beach
Young boy and girl playing on the beach
Young boy and girl hugging at the beach
Shirtless father and kids on hilltop
Little girl kneeling on large rock overlooking lake
Close up of young girl playing at the beach
Silhouette of young boy running at sunset
Father holds his two kids hands as they go for a walk in the forest
Little boy pointing out the window during car ride
Silhouette of father and daughter walking on the beach
Close up of young girl pondering
Young boy on bus looking displeased
Young girl hike up to large tree on top of hill
Father and son building a sand castle at the beach
Young girl facing away from camera running on beach
Kids hiding in hollowed tree trunk to avoid the rain storm
Young girl drinking from water fountain
Mother and daughter smiles for the camera
Graffiti on wall
Father with kids at museum
Young boy points at large dinosaur fossil at museum
Close up of father and kids with straight faces
Young child draws a heart in the sand during sunset