Sasha + Terrance Engagement Photographs

We met Sasha and Terry at 6 AM for their engagement shoot. It was so early that poor Terrance couldn’t find a coffee shop open to grab his mandatory cup of morning joe. Despite this, he was energetic, happy-go-lucky and willing to do just about anything. When we met, the sun was just starting to illuminate the tips of the mountains.  It always takes Lanny and I a few minutes to warm up and get out creative juices flowing. Sasha and Terrance made it easy on us, being full of genuine laughs, smiles and snuggles. The warming sun slowly inched it’s way across the landscape, eventually bathing us in a gorgeous golden light – so worth waking up early for. Also, a huge thank you to the very talented and super fun Jody Mills, who tagged along with us for the morning. Her positive energy just radiates. We’re really looking forward to photographing Sasha and Terry’s wedding in September.


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