Jen + Gavin’s Wedding Photos from Banff National Park

On the evening of June 19th, 2013, Erika and I curled up in our bed at home in Canmore, Alberta, and fell asleep to the sound of falling rain. Our cameras were all packed and ready to go. Meanwhile, 100km west of us, Jen and Gavin were doing the same at their home in Calgary. Jen’s wedding dress was all packed and ready to go. As were their friends and family, many who’d flown in all the way from Europe for Jen and Gavin’s long awaited wedding in the Canadian Rockies. Outside, the rain fell.

The next morning, just two days prior to Jen and Gavin’s big day, we awoke to the flood of the century. Parts of our mountain community were literally being washed away by creeks that had swollen into raging rivers over night. States of emergency were declared throughout southern Alberta, thousands were evacuated, and all 4 lanes of the Trans Canada Highway were completely severed by flood waters and mountainous debris.

Over the next couple days, Jen and Gavin watched helplessly as their wedding dreams were literally washed away by a devastating and unprecedented flood. With much of the province under water, and no way in or out of the mountains, they were gradually forced to succumb to the heart breaking realization that they’d have to cancel their wedding.

Four months later, on the quiet shores of Hubert Lake in Banff National Park, Jen and Gavin’s wedding dream finally came true. Surrounded by the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, beloved family and adoring friends, they shared vows and embarked together on life’s greatest adventure!

It was a day, and night, to remember. It all went down at Deer Lodge in Lake Louise. DJ Scootz managed to harness enough voltage from the historical hotel’s circuitry to bring the roof down with his beats and lights and smoke. Everyone partied the night away. Jen and Gavin basked in the glow of all the love surrounding them. And we shot our hearts out. Thank you Laura G Photography, for helping to keep us firing on all cylinders all day long.

Jen and Gavin, you two remind us so much of ourselves. Your zest for adventure and each other is contagious. We’re so glad you found us and invited us into your lives. We hope we can stay there for a very long time.

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