Monica & Mike’s Mexican Wedding in Monterrey

We finally understand why Mexico produces so many outstanding wedding photographers… Mexican weddings are insane! Or at least, Monica and Mike’s sure was. And speaking of outstanding wedding photographers from Mexico… meet Mike Rodriguez. We first met him at WPPI in Las Vegas. After our presentation, he came up to us and said, “you’re shooting my wedding!” One year later, there we were in Monterrey, Mexico… photographing a wedding of legendary proportions!

Speaking of legendary… when we arrived in Monterrey, we finally got to meet the girl who lights up Mike’s face every time he mentions her. As soon as we met Monica (first on Skype and then for real in Monterrey), we understood why Mike speaks the world of her. Monica’s heart is as wide open as they come, and we fell right in. And we were welcomed right in, by everyone. We felt like friends. We felt like family. We felt like royalty. And we gave it our all, for 19 straight hours (Mexico weddings are crazy)!We’re just going to let the images below tell the story of their wedding. We really hope that they tell a story of Monica and Mike’s complete and utter adoration for each other, of the palpable exhilaration of the entire day, and of the crazy fun shenanigans that went down on that sweaty dance floor into the not-so-wee hours of the morning.

Monica and Mike, what can we say? That was a day we’ll never forget. Thank you so much for trusting a couple Canadian photographers with your legendary Mexican wedding. And a special thank you to Juan Euan (speaking of outstanding photographers) for travelling all the way from Cancun to help us out with everything from lighting to language translation.

If you’d like to see more, Monica and Mike have allowed us to share their full slideshow here.

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