Bailey & Tyler’s Wedding | Teatro Restaurant, Calgary

We flew half way around the world for Bailey and Tyler’s wedding at Teatro Restaurant in Calgary, Canada (even though it’s just one hour from our home), giving it all the familiar elements of a far-away destination wedding for us… six international flights, alluring cuisine (Teatro is a destination in and of itself), and the celebratory vibe of an exclusive group of friends and family, gathered for an occasion for which they all care so deeply.

Bailey and Tyler’s wedding had everything that truly matters… exquisite food, succulent wine, bangin’ music… but the heart and soul of this wedding was all about the relationships. They shone through in the way their parents look at them with utter love and adoration. They shone through in the way Bailey and Tyler love and care for their adorable little niece and nephew. They shone through in the way their friends rallied around them all day long, from the epic bow-tying misadventures of the morning, to the late night shenanigans on the dance floor. And they shone through in the way Bailey and Tyler look at each other like the rest of the world has just disappeared.

Bailey and Tyler, it was an honour to share in – and document – these memories for you and your family. Thank you for bringing us home!

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