Karen & Thomas on Vancouver Island


Witnessing a wedding as a friends, and witnessing a wedding as photographers, can sometimes be two very different things. 

Witnessing the wedding of a friend brings a presence. A feeling. A Contentment. A gratitude for being there and feeling the feels. A love.  As a friend you don’t so much as notice the individual elements, but you feel it all. 

Witnessing the wedding as a photographer brings something entirely different. It brings a focus. A curiosity. A keen observation of senses. And an intense focus on bringing those senses in through your camera lens. As a photographer, you try to notice everything. What is it that’s making this moment feel so magical? And, how can I fit that into a 2×3 rectangle?

Both of these witnessing roles are a HUGE privilege. But, when you get to do both at the same time, it is something truly special. 

Witnessing weddings as friends AND photographers is like the Holy Grail. Especially when that friend is one of your favourite women ever. Thank you Karen and Thomas for bringing us into your magical day. It was a huge privilege for us to be there as friends and photographers. We’re going to leave the storytelling to the photos below.

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