Paige & Daniel's Canmore Wedding - Two Mann Studios

Paige & Daniel’s Wedding | Canmore, Canada

It’s not often we have the privilege of shooting a wedding in our own home town of Canmore, Alberta… and with a local couple, none-the-less! Paige and Daniel gave us that opportunity. Their unique wedding story involves a double-rainbow, kitchen party, VW camper van, and one of the most down-to-Earth couples ever.

I spent the morning with Paige and her family as she got ready for the big day. It sounds cliché to say that they were all glowing, but they really were. They sang, danced, hugged and laughed. The expressions and love was palpable and an absolute joy to document. It wasn’t until later in the day that we got to learn more about how Paige’s family came to be. Paige was actually adopted into her family less than 3 years ago, at the age 23. This was the marriage of two families, as much as it was the marriage of two people. Lanny and I relished every moment and were honoured to document such a special event.

Thanks for welcoming us into your beautiful celebration, Paige & Daniel, and for trusting us with these memories! Here are just a few of our favourite shots.

  • bride and groom holding hands and running on top of mountain at sunset in Canmore Canada
  • applying mascara for the bride
  • a groom shaving his face
  • doing the makeup for bride with background of dark blue sky
  • a groom and a groomsman dressing up for wedding ceremony
  • a friend helping bride arrange her wedding dress
  • mom hugging daughter from back
  • bride kneeling on the floor to help mom tie shoes
  • smiling bride sitting between parents in a car
  • a bride walking on a deck on a river bank in Canmore Canada
  • happy bride walking with parents in a forest
  • back view of parents escorting bride to wedding ceremony at river side
  • a bride hugging with dad at wedding ceremony
  • smiling bride and groom at wedding ceremony
  • groom putting wedding ring on bride's finger
  • groom hugging and kissing bride on the back at wedding ceremony
  • mom hugging bride at wedding ceremony
  • bride and groom walking on a deck on a river in Canmore
  • groom embracing bride in the forest in Canmore in the sunshine
  • bride in wedding dress on mountain top with double rainbow in sky
  • bride sitting on river bank with background of mountains
  • bride and groom walking on mountain slope with background of Canadian Rockies and cloudy sky
  • bride and groom walking along the road with shadows on the ground
  • a bride sitting and chatting with girl friends on a deck at night
  • a bride striking a match in night settings of sky and trees