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Jen & Bruce’s Wedding in Banff, Canada

It would be a colossal understatement to describe Jen and Bruce’s wedding as simply; a wedding. It was also an experience; an adventure; a retreat; a vacation; a festival; a legend. Jen and Bruce hosted their destination wedding celebration in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The result was an experience of a lifetime for all their American friends and family!

Guests were treated to 5 unforgettable days in one of the most extraordinary places on Earth. They gawked at glorious mountain vistas, surmounted rugged summits, paddled turquoise lakes, curled stones down sheets of ice, dined on elk & bison & maple syrup, and drank the town of Banff dry.

Throughout it all, Bruce and Jen were the most gracious and generous hosts imaginable, taking every opportunity to enlighten their American guests on the lore of Canadiana. The epitome of this came in the form of a legendary audio/visual presentation by Bruce at Banff’s Park Distillery. Think, This is That, meets Red Green, meets Trailer Park Boys, meets Ricky Gervais. It was absolutely hilarious!

The wedding itself, was held at the fairytale-esque Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in the heart of Banff National Park.

The brisk Canadian mountain air didn’t stop Jen from going sleeveless, and Bruce from going, naturally… pant-less. Paying homage to his Scottish roots, Bruce, his dad, and his groomsmen, like the legends that they are, rocked the entire day in traditional kilts and Sporrans. It was bloody awesome! As were the speeches (some of the best we’ve witnessed), the food (which culminated with a late night poutine bar for the ages), and the party!

Jen and Bruce, what can we say? We had so much fun hanging out with you and your parents and all your amazing friends. You feel like family and we miss you already! Thank you for trusting us with these memories. We can’t wait to hang out again one day. We love you guys!

Thanks to our friend, Sandra Walker, for helping us out on the wedding day.

Planning & coordination by the beloved, Julianne Young Weddings

Cinematography by the remarkable, Parfait Productions

Ceremony by The Man, The Myth, The Legend; Robin White

Flowers by Amborella Floral

Cake by Kake

DJ by Fayyaz from Pez Productions 

  • Bride and groom hold hands while standing on rocks in body of water with Rockies as the background
  • Groom's father looks out the window to the Rockies
  • Wedding guests riding up and down mountain in cable cars
  • Silhouette of bride and groom reaching out to each other while standing on rocks
  • A man stands by the water taking picture in front of the Rockies and a lake
  • Young boy curls
  • A bride curls with reflection of the Rockies and blue sky with clouds
  • Smiling seniors with a woman jumping for joy
  • A bride with Stars and Stripes pants and waist bag
  • Silhouette of bride and groom walking hand in hand on top of the Rockies shrouded by clouds and fog
  • The newly married couple and wedding guests burst out laughing at a friend's speech at wedding reception at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
  • Groom hugs a friend while smiling bride is standing by them
  • Laughing bride and groom at wedding reception
  • Silhouette of bride and groom and wedding guests standing on top of mountain with their reflection in the lake
  • A bride sits in a chair writing wedding vows
  • A bride ponders over her wedding vows before the wedding ceremony
  • A little boy sits on a sofa with his fingers on his lips
  • A bride looks at her hanging wedding gown while drinking
  • Bride and friends doing their makeup
  • A bride talks with a woman while getting her makeup done
  • Happy mother-daughter moment before the wedding ceremony
  • Bride looks at her makeup in a hand mirror while a photographer takes a picture of her
  • Groom looks at his father who is putting on his dress shirt
  • A bride steps from a table down to a chair while holding her wedding dress in one hand
  • A women holds a little boy from behind and kisses him on the cheek
  • Bride's father shakes hands with groom at wedding ceremony
  • Bride's mother and guests at wedding ceremony
  • Bride with wedding dress and long veil and groom with Scottish kilt and sporran stand on rocks hand in hand in Banff
  • Photographers are ready to shoot pictures of bride and groom on mountain top
  • Bride and groom rub noses smiling
  • Groom holds bride from back while she turns back smiling with her bridal veil floating in the wind
  • Laughing bride and groom at wedding reception
  • Groom's father delivers a speech at wedding reception with reflection of lights
  • Behind the bride and groom at wedding reception
  • Emotional bride and groom at wedding reception
  • Bride looks happily at groom while he is giving a speech at the wedding reception
  • Groom delivers a speech at wedding reception
  • Bride and groom's first dance
  • Groom feeds bride with a fork at wedding reception
  • Wedding guests hit the dance floor
  • Dancing begins at a wedding reception at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
  • Woman dances excitedly at wedding reception
  • Expressive guests dance at wedding reception
  • A woman dances with a bottle of water in one hand and a drink in another
  • Man in kilt dances with wedding guests at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel
  • A man with a colorful hat dances at wedding reception
  • Silhouette of couple's embracing in front of idyllic Rockies landscape and lake