Nastasia & Nicolas’ Wedding in Switzerland

It took 2 planes, 2 trains, 2 automobiles, and 31 hours for us to get to Nastasia and Nicolas’ wedding in the Lavaux Vinyards of Switzerland. When we finally arrived, we found ourselves surrounded by terraced vinyards, emerald waters, snow-capped mountains and most-importantly, the welcoming hearts of two loving families.

From our very first encounter with Nastasia and Nicolas during their engagement shoot in Malaga, Spain, every minute spent with them has been permeated by a sense of being with them at the beginning of something remarkably special. It was an honour to be welcomed into that magic with our cameras. We hope with all our hearts that these images begin to reveal what we saw and felt… genuine happiness, unbreakable family love, lifelong friendships, spiritual serenity, and the unbridled love of two destined lovers at the dawn of an exciting life together.

Thank you to the legendary MC Raf and the raging saxophonist, Ismael Kuide, for fuelling that dance floor with an energy we could taste. Seriously, these two are insane!

Thank you to our friend, Marian Bader, for her tireless assistance.

Thank you, Nastasia and Nicolas, for bringing us to Switzerland and into your lives. We’re honoured to have been a part of the beginning of your life together. We’re looking forward popping back into it again and again. 🙂

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