Manns in New York

When The Brenizers (the artists formerly known as Tatiana & Ryan) asked us to photograph their wedding in New York City (coming soon), our only hesitation was having to leave Madelyn & Timmy back home. It’s one of the hardest things to do, when we travel to shoot or teach abroad. But then it dawned on us… “lets just bring the kids with us… everywhere we go!” Not sure what took us so long to figure out this simple, exciting solution. This was the beginning of our journey into deciding to say “yes” to our opportunity to start travelling the world with our kids (for at least a year… or more).

It took us less than 2 hours to settle into the groove of New York City. Our favourite thing to do was “get lost” in the neighbourhoods, without much of a plan at all. There was magic around every corner we went, from impromptu street performer collaborations, to a senior citizen roller skating disco party, to accidentally discovering Manhattanhenge in the middle of a cross walk, to having Grand Central Station almost entirely to ourselves.

But the best part, apart from having our kids there with us for every discovery, was managing to connect with so many important people in our lives, from photographer friends to wedding clients to family we don’t see enough! We’re so grateful to have crossed paths in NYC with Erika’s brother, Dane, Lanny’s brother, Dustin, Joanne & James (St. Lucia wedding), Grace & Matt (Zion Wedding), Greg & Kirsten (family documentary photographer), Ken Liu from Renaissance Albums, our good friends Charmi Pena and Jaleel King, and of course all our friends at Ryan and Tatiana’s wedding.

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