• Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

    Jena & Sameer’s Wedding in Dallas, Texas

    Charmi Peña is one of our photography heroes. Heck, she’s one of our human heroes. Hence, when she advised her family to trust Two Mann Studios with the memories of Jena and Sameer’s multicultural wedding, we were honoured; then anxious; then terrified; then, ultimately, rewarded with the gratifying pleasure of […]

  • Lyndsay & Preston & Jason’s Wedding in British Columbia

    Lyndsay & Preston & Jason’s Wedding in British Columbia

    Freewill is an illusion. Or it’s not. Either way, strange and mysterious forces are at work beyond our wildest comprehension. Case in point, the miraculous entanglement of external and internal forces that willed Lyndsay and Jason’s lives together (and Erika and mine somehow into that mix). Imagine the labyrinthine brew […]

  • Manns in Sri Lanka

    Manns in Sri Lanka

    When we boarded the plane for the start of our round-the-world adventure, we had only one night’s accommodation reserved… our first. The rest was completely up in the air. We knew we were starting in Sri Lanka, and that our first night would be spent at Kandy Cottage, but that’s about all […]

  • Manns in Cottage Country

    Manns in Cottage Country

    Every summer, we spend one incredible week at our family’s cottage in Ontario. Here is an attempt to capture the feeling of this experience in photos (by Erika) and words (by Madelyn & Timmy)…

  • Manns in New York

    Manns in New York

    When The Brenizers (the artists formerly known as Tatiana & Ryan) asked us to photograph their wedding in New York City (coming soon), our only hesitation was having to leave Madelyn & Timmy back home. It’s one of the hardest things to do, when we travel to shoot or teach […]

  • Manns in Kauai

    Manns in Kauai

    When we found out that we were going to be escaping the bitter cold January weather to shoot a wedding in Hawaii, the next logical thing to do was find a way to extend the experience for as long as possible.